Hello EQs!  It feels so good to be back from Sicily!  I had such a wonderful time being in the company of Geri’s family and friends that I could have easily stayed another week or so.  I have to completely go back into Dr. Gillian shock therapy starting again tomorrow though…too much pizza, rigatoni, lentil soup (which is actually quite healthy), gelato and paninos are making me feel like a hefty hideaway girl now – but it’s nothing a good week of healthy eating won’t cure!

So much has been going on these last few days that my head is spinning from everything!  I can’t believe that summer is here already and that a new season of (female dominated) Big Brother UK is upon us!  It officially is the start of summer now – watch out Brighton and Hyde Park – here we come!  So to kick-off summer and the beginning of a shiny new week – let’s get some ranting on!

  1. BAA – the UK’s airport authority sucks ass.  Or at least whomever made up the rule that we cannot carry more than half a bottle of ‘Calvin Klein Obsession’ with us.  We got our half bottle confiscated at security because we ‘had too much in the bottle and therefore deemed as suspicious’.  The thing that really pissed us off was that as soon as we left security, we were offered the opportunity to buy another full-sized bottle in Duty Free – bastardi.
  2. The first song we heard in Palermo, Sicily was ‘Walking In Memphis’ by Marc Cohn.  Come to find out – this is one of Geri’s favourite songs and twas immediately downloaded upon our return home tonite!
  3. Darren Hayes has just finished filming his music video for ‘On The Verge Of Something Wonderful’ and has quite admirably paid for it all out-of-pocket!  Read the full story over on his MySpace which also includes a cameo appearance by one of our favourite media darlings, Janice Dickinson!
  4. Simon Curtis gets a little nekkid for us and tempts us with some new Alter Boy teaser images…could this mean that an album release is soon on the way?!   
  5. Watch out – Stefan D’Bart of Switch22 get’s a little nekkid too!  Check the photos.  All this electro flesh is all too too much boys!
  6. And speaking of Switch22 – they will be performing with fave EQ band Naked Highway at the Popshow Electro Night on 9 June – now that is an EQ night in heaven at the Soho Revue Bar!  What makes that night even more special is that we will be there seeing Darren Hayes performing Club Delicacy earlier in the night as well!  It’s like an Electroqueer prom – we might even have to get dressed up and bring a date (or two) for all this goodness!
  7. Want to hear something that sounds like "A burlesque dancefloor, a sparkling chandelier, a film noir, a dripping jungle, a tiger pacing and a taut ribbon."  Check out Antigone performing ‘Funky Dancers’ live at the Soho Revue Bar!
  8. On the Somerfield newsstand today, we were delighted to see this magazine cover – we fookin love Beth Diddo.
  9. We loves the new redesign of Tiffany’s website – Tiffany is now an EQ Number One pop artist with ‘Feels Like Love’ and we are currently very busily putting together our Tiffany feature!
  10. And finally, we leave you with the new electro song and video by 4th Child that EQ will be championing in the upcoming weeks, called ‘Now I Found You’.  It’s absolutely brilliant and so EQ!  We’ll be talking about 4th Child a lot here so stay tuned!