If you've been in the UK this past few weeks, you probably could not escape seeing or hearing The Wanted on your tellybox or radio.  They've been all over the media and even just yesterday, I spotted them gracing the cover of gay rag, QX magazine.  Tom, Siva, Max, Jay and Nathan aka The Wanted have taken over the UK commercial pop music scene by scoring a UK number one yesterday with their debut single "All Time Low".  An impressive accolade for the members of the band spanning from just 17 to 21 years-old.  

I first wrote about The Wanted back in April when little was known about them and just a few random songs were put up on their MySpace.  But even back then, I knew they had that something with their rustic, yet totally fashionable Gap look, their sweet boyish charm and their ability to cause girls in the street to go into a state of frenzy without even a song on the radio yet – as witnessed by their home videos about life on the boyband road.  

I actually did interview The Wanted a few months ago and got the chance to meet all five of the boys in central London, but due to a horrible accident involving my iPhone and a bottle of water, that audio interview is forever lost, but at the request of some of their biggest fans (yes Jessica – that's you) I'm putting up my account of meeting the guys so you can get some insight into what I think of The Wanted and their future in pop music.


Max (Manchester) is the quiet yet totally confident leader of The Wanted.  He's been down this boyband route before and knows how it all works.  What I like about Max is that he almost has an uncanny ability to mentally control the other boys with mind power when they all sort of get a bit over-excitable.  It was interesting during the interview to see all the guys chatting away and when they started to go off-track a bit, Max would jump in and with just one look, would reign it all in.  He also looks rather nice in a cap.

Siva (Dublin) is the most polite and considerate member of The Wanted.  I sat next to him during the interview and he was the first one to offer up a chair and made you feel comfortable. Every time you looked over at him, he would just flash his million dollar smile to let you know all was cool.  You don't know how many times I've done interviews and the pop star in question has a "greater than thou" attitude.  Not with Siva though, he's a total gent and a total star.

Jay (Nottingham) hardly said a word in the interview at all.  He's a bit quiet, but when he has something to say, he says it with conviction.  That could just be due to the fact that he was sat the farthest away from me and I really couldn't see him that well cuz Max kept getting in the way, but nevertheless I wanted to hear more from Jay.  What I like about Jay is that he doesn't quite realize how swoony he is.  In person he's like a dorky teenage boy, but throw a camera in front of him and he just oozes sex appeal with his curly locks and from me-to-you hand gestures.

Nathan (Gloucester) is the baby spice of the group and well, you need one in every group.  I think success means the most to Nathan too.  When were talking about the audition process and their somewhat X-Factor journey through each stage, you could tell by the look in Nathan's eyes and how he expressed himself that he's really proud to have become a member of The Wanted.  He also told me his family is also responsible for most of the YouTube hits on "All Time Low" as well.

Tom (Bolton) – oh where do I start with Tom?  If Max is the Gary Barlow of the group, then Tom is most definitely the Robbie Williams.  All I can describe Tom as is just pure "cheeky".  He talked the most during the interview telling hilarious stories of how he lost his shoes during a recording session abroad and how The Wanted are helping to bringing boyband pop back like JLS.  If I were a teenage girl (and let's face it, sometimes I act like one) I think I would fancy Tom the most.  He's got that something that says "Danger! Danger! Don't leave your girls alone with me – I'm the one your mama warned you about…" 

So there you have it – my thoughts on the members of The Wanted.  I think they definitely have a place amongst pop music and if I'm being honest, they work hard enough and have what it takes to be the next Take That.  They are talented guys and humble and yes, a little excitable, but who wouldn't be when your single debuted at number one?  

Geffen have found a little cash cow with The Wanted and I do hope they work them in a way which doesn't see them deflate six months down the line.  I want The Wanted to succeed and I think that the type of pop music they are doing is great.  For a boyband, they aren't overstylized, overly media-trained or really concerned about singing songs about being in the club and that's what makes them relatable and enjoyable to watch on their journey through pop music.

I'll be reviewing the album sampler in a future post too – so stay with us…