Ever wondered what a current new boyband might sound like if each member came from a different European country?  Wonder no longer, the answer comes with The United.

I stumbled across these cuties quite some time ago and fell intrigued by their good looking magnetism together with their very lively Youtube channel of vlogs and covers.  Those delicious harmonies as well, have had me a touch smitten with these boys but what I’ve really been longing to hear is the original launch material in full and at last it has found its way out onto the web.

Made up of Ex-Idol contestants, Gabriel from Sweden, Manuel from Germany and Teus from Holland a participant of Dutch Popstars, along with Step from Italy and Mike from the UK, both scouted for having dynamically buzzing Youtube channels.  These five European hotties were head-hunted by Norwegian Record Company Execs via Youtube a little over a year ago and there is little doubt with such an enterprising move by the Industry Executives covering five European bases that The United  could well prove more than a little popular around Europe over the next few months and possibly roll it out globally.

For now lets take a gander at the debut release “Stay Young”, warmingly Scandinavian in flavour with a meltdown of harmonies that soften into a sugar rush of vocalised candy and European promise of something that will potentially go the distance, upwards and smash the name The United throughout Europe.

The boys will be touring through Europe in April & setting down shows in the UK (see here for details)