Not coming to a cinema near you…Here’s something a little different.  In the vein of Hairspray meets Sweeny Todd with blatent product placement from MySpace – we have a new piece of musical film called "The Town That Boars Me" starring Kelly Osbourne, Sophie Ellis Bextor, Sadie Frost, Natt Weller, Jodie Harsh and Zandra Rhodes.

The short film is generating a lot of buzz here in Londontown and it’s basicallly the story of a "pig boy" who is banished from the local town and returns at night to terrorize the local women and harlets to satisfy his fetish for high heel shoes.  Run Sarah Jessica Parker run! 

Fans of John Waters and silly musicals in general will really get a kick out of it.  It’s good tongue-in-cheek fun and I enjoyed watching it.  Kelly Osbourne looks amazing.  Love her.  My only question is where is Róisín Murphy?