So Siobhan Donaghy has confirmed that she is infact starring in the remixed version of RENT in London and had this to say on her MySpace page regarding her work commitments and why she chose to take on this project with such a sexy new cast…

Siobhan: Sorry it’s been forever since I have updated my page! But I’ve some exciting news all though I see a few people on here already know about it, you are always ahead of the game…..where do you find these things out!??

So I’m going to be playing the character Mimi Marquez in the new updated version of Jonathan Larson’s musical. William Baker is directing it who has been art directing Kylies projects for many a year. In fact, everyone behind the scenes are so wonderful and have CV’s to die for. They contacted me about getting me to audition over a month ago now and I just didn’t think I’d be cut out for this kind of work. It’s 8 shows a week! But they are confident I can do it and I have a very experienced cast who I’ll be working with who have promised to give me every trade secret to get me through!

It’s a touching story about a group of impoverished friends, where some, my character included, are battling with aids, and serious drug addition. We get by because of our love for one another and just last week I flew out to New York to see the show on Broadway and totally understood why it is about to become the 2nd longest running musical over there. We need it revamped over here for a London audience and that’s what we’re doing. We’re just about to head into rehearsal and the show opens for previews on the 2nd of October and officially on the 16th Oct @ The Duke Of York Theatre.

I have turned down many work commitments I had previously in order to do this show as I feel something very special is being created!! A tour will now be rescheduled for early 2008. In the mean-time, you can catch me performing at Manchester Pride on the 26th August @ Popstarz.

The response to the album has been fantastic, considering I tend to commit commercial suicide, all that matters is that you love the tunes. That makes me happy!

Love and kisses from your newly appointed thespian friend.

Ooo I nearly forgot, head on over to The Rent Official myspace page and befriend them. They’ll keep you up to date with all the latest on the show. they also have some pics up.

Siobhan X