When I first moved to London, there were a few male pop stars out at the time that were quickly on the rise that I absolutley adored.  To name a few, how about Kristian Leontiou, Kubb and the man in the picture above – Jason Downs.

I need to warn you, Jason Downs isn’t your typical electronic pop star that we usually write about on EQ, in fact, he couldn’t be farther away from that.  But there is something quite special in his voice and his ablilty to tell stories through songs that really captivates me.  His debut album on Jive Records, “White Boy With A Feather” still remains one of my favorite albums of all time and his sophomore album “The Spin” is one that I listen to from time-to-time just to hear Jason’s rich, deep and soothing voice.

After a long battle with your typical industry bullshit, controlling managers and problems with Jive, Jason Downs threw his hands up in the air, moved back to America and decided to take a little bit of a break.  But now he’s back.

His new single “Bitch Of The Week” documents Jason’s rise, fall and his decision to dust off and dance through his groovin guitar-based music and signature storytelling lyrics.  For me, this song couldn’t have come at a better time too.  Having been recently taught some hard lessons about how some people in the music industry will just use you to their advantage, I can most certainly relate to what Jason Downs sings so truthfully here – no one deserves to be anybody’s “Bitch Of The Week”.

Bitch of the Week - Love Me Alone

This song is a bit different dear EQ readers, but I hope you’ll love the message at hand and get as jelly-kneed when hearing Jason Down’s voice like I do.  Jason Downs is a modern day storyteller in the vein of Lou Reed and we don’t have enough artists like that these days (Diamond Rings being the only one I can think of) who can perfect this type of music in a way the resonates with the masses and remains real.  Fuck the major labels and the corporate suits – let’s make our own music, dance in the ocean and moonwalk around town.