The most outstanding feature about underground dance music collaborator Jess Mills is that her ethereally beautiful presence comes out as a personified marriage of haunting brilliance amongst the subterranean duskiness of future garage and predominantly bass heavy, full throttle depth of dubstep and drum & bass weight.

I have long been won as a fan of Jess’s regally divine vocal qualities, immersing myself amongst her breathtaking back catalogue of impressively intense combinations of dark and light textures, that tip to the point of almost classical elegance within the growing subculture of bass music.

Currently tying up her debut album Jess releases “The Remixes EP” for FREE, placing each of her four previous releases with a salubriously bass charismatic re-work by notably acclaimed and rising electronic producers in this field.

Four slices of nocturnal chill-wave that will suitably ruffle the feathers of night-owls and bass freaks alike.

So, night-freaks if we have whetted your appetite, all original tracks and further remixes are readily available through itunes.