Long time EQ muse and recent Regal/Parlophone signing The Good Natured has recently put out her new track “Wolves” for free download which you can listen to and grab below. 

I caught up with Sarah McIntosh (aka The Good Natured) to discuss “Wolves” which is scheduled to be on her new “Skelton” EP being released in June

Here is what The Good Natured had to say about the stellar track.

In every society, we find people who are bored with their daily routines, getting up, going to work, and coming home again. Often when I’m on the tube, or on a long train journey home, I think to myself, “everybody looks so tired: no one ever smiles.”

Wolves is about escapism, leaving the mundane normality of normal life and entering a new world, whether it be a fantasy, or a reality.

The ‘wolves’ are not meant to be literal, rather, they are metaphors for the different things people do in order to escape their daily grind.

Escapism is everywhere, more than you think. It may be something as simple as reading a book, playing a computer game, or listening to music. In more extreme cases, people take drugs to feel like they are in a different world. “And we dance in the fire” is a reference to how people feel like they can do anything when they are on drugs- they almost feel invincible. “Lost in desire, magical kiss” is a reference to how some people use their relationships in order to escape…

I simply find it fascinating how people escape their lives in so many different ways, and this is what inspired me to write ‘Wolves’.