I just love The Gadsdens. They seriously need to release their album soon so I can stop obsessing over them. But obsession is fun I guess. Shit Beyonce just did a whole movie about it. And The Gadsdens just did a cover of Beyonce.  So what happened when The Gadsdens hopped into bed with Beyonce's "Halo"? Listen above – it's one gorgeous baby.

Yes, QBoy has released his video for "Coming Out 2 Play" which hops into bed with the video for Lady Gaga's "Just Dance". Except this time QBoy gets a little nookie at the end with that guy he's had his eye on all night – you didn't see that in the Lady Gaga "Just Dance" video. I kinda have a soft spot for QBoy. He works his tight little buns off and still remains true to his homo rapping persona. He's also a great live performer. When is the next QBoy show anyways?