Artist: Madison

Amazing Because:  Madison is an incredible individual.  We can’t quite remember how we heard about him, but from the moment he took to the stage at Popshow with his striking style and exuberance, we knew he was something special.  Marrying his love for fashion with an electro musical palate, we are never disappointed by his upbeat and delectable tracks.  ‘Move Your Ass’ and ‘Club’ are some of the funnest songs we’ve heard all year and an EP or album can’t get released fast enough in our opinion.  Drawing his style from an 80’s repertoire and fusing it with a modern day edge and underlying sexual innuendo – this young man has a lot to offer…

Why He’s EQ:  Madison isn’t afraid to take risks.  From his striking stage costumes to his finely choreographed dance moves, Madison isn’t bowing down to any stereotype of what a pop star should be.  His love for fashion is incomparable and his love for music is very similar to our own tastes.  It’s hard to talk to Madison about anything other than music and style because you get drawn into his unique vision so quickly.  There isn’t another artist out now who is doing what Madison is doing.  He couldn’t be anymore EQ if we asked him to.

Re-visit some of Madison’s live performances below and if you want to read about all things fashion with Madison, check out his fashion and style blog – it’s rather good too…

Move Your Ass
The Ones Before
Madison’s Style Blog