Well hello EQs!  The sunshine is out and the weekend has started early here in Londontown.  Last night I had the extreme pleasure of attending another Temposhark gig and the band were truly in top form last night at the intimate Blow Up Metro on Oxford Street.  I urge all of you to get your asses down to a Temposhark gig pronto – you will enjoy it throughly.  I have a feeling they are going to blow up in the UK even more very soon.  What I find surprising is that the band is less-known here in the UK versus America.  That could very well change pretty soon – the band are headlining Popstarz in London next week.

What made last night’s gig even more brilliant was that The Gadsdens also played.  Because they don’t like to be really bored doing live gigs, they have been treating fans to a few new songs each night and last night we got to hear a some new tracks called "A Wretch Like Me" and "Lent" which were very cool and upbeat.  I am dying to hear their recorded versions of "I Killed Love" and "Heartbreaker" as well – they are going to be amazing.  I can’t express how much The Gadsdens are on the up-and-up right now.  They are finally going to be getting in the studio to finish off their album within the next three months or so and I for one – am quite excited about that.  Think Coldplay with the melodic voice of Tracy Chapman, as sang by Jody Russell-Gadsden.  It’s good stuff.


Tonight I am off to a Friends and Family screening of Darren Hayes new DVD for "The Time Machine Tour".  Tre excited about that as well.  I love a good theatrical production and Team Darren has hired out one of London’s poshest screening rooms for the event.  If you were wondering what’s been going on in Darren Hayes-land as of late, he has been working very hard promoting "The Time Machine Tour" DVD and working on another separate DVD project called "This Delicate Film We’ve Made" which will be released in November and will include 13 fantastic mini-movie clips in surround sound set to the music of "This Delicate Thing We’ve Made".  The DVD will also feature all the promo videos he’s made so far for "Delicate".  Another very cool project from the uber cool Mr. Darren Hayes.


A scene from "This Delicate Film We’ve Made"

And finally tomorrow, I am off to Popshow’s Midsummer Night Party to witness the delectable and dee-liteful Antigone take to the stage for the Popshow crowd amongst the pop pimpers and electro wonder acts including "I Don’t Like The Vibe In The VIP" Electrovamp.  Should be a blast as usual and all of this is leading to the big day next Thursday when Electroqueer@Barcode comes alive at Barcode Soho in London.  I am truly thrilled and just found out that we also got mentioned in QX Magazine as well this week – download your copy here EQs and again, watch out for the male nudity!  Not that you mind, but I feel I have to warn you!  Check out the hot picture of DJ Adamis on page 32 and EQ@Barcode is mentioned on pages 42 and 52!  Thanks QX!