Welcome to an exclusive EQ Music behind-the-scenes conversation with Terry Golden, the talented Producer shares an insightful look at his latest electrifying Progressive House release ‘Otherside.’ In this interview, Terry takes us on a journey through the creative process, in collaboration with Black Box, and talks more about the unique elements that make ‘Otherside’ a must-listen; get ready to dive into the heart of its production process as we unveil the elements that bring it to life.

Hi Terry, how are you today?
I’m feeling good, even though summer is coming to an end, there are so many exciting things happening right now, that it’s hard not to smile

Congratulations on the release of ‘Otherside’, we’d like to know, what was the inspiration behind this production?
For many years I have been a big fan of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, and in particular ‘Otherside’ has always been one of the biggest hits ever in my book. The mood of the vocals I felt matched the deep sound of Melodic Techno quite well, so that was the starting point

Since this is more of a completely new track, rather than a rework, I wanted to preserve the slightly sour universe that Red Hot Chili Peppers has, and I actually thought we succeeded quite well with that.

Can you walk us through the collaborative process of working with Black Box on ‘Otherside’? How did the collaboration come about?
I had first made a version where the original vocals were used. The idea was for the number to be used live. One day, I posted a short clip-on Instagram and Black Box (which I already knew) reached out to me to see if we should make it together.

I sent the stems to Black Box and with a few back-and-forth attempts, the magic happened. But all in all, a relatively short process, where we also got to sing in cover vocals, which, by the way, are very close to the original. So, this collab has arisen in a digital process, where we have shared stems, and customized sound etc. via video call

Could you share some insights into the creative decisions behind the vocal elements in ‘Otherside’? How do they contribute to the overall vibe of the track?
The vocals are super important, as it is the one that carries the melody in verses and structure. We have kept it very close to the original but played with the order of the words a bit. Especially in the build-up to the drop, it was important to keep the energy, and the vocals helped contribute to.

The track has a dynamic and driving beat; can you tell us about the process of crafting the rhythm and selecting the right percussion elements to enhance the energy?
We have used some African inspired beats which give the whole song a Tribal element. This, in combination with hi-hats, helps to make the otherwise rather heavy beat, light and uplifting. We have used quite a few different percussion drums to create the beat, and especially the offbeat elements have been important, precisely to keep the energy intact

What techniques did you use to achieve the powerful drop in the track? How did you balance maintaining energy while introducing new elements?
The drop is actually quite simple, where we just play with swing, and do not manipulate the sound before the synth we have used. It’s a combination of reverb, echo and some sound design that creates a slightly acidic sound. The balance is always to use the entire sound image when it needs to be extra powerful, and that is exactly what we have done in the drop

With ‘Otherside’, you’ve managed to create a track that’s both energetic and musically intricate. How do you find the right balance between complexity and dancefloor appeal?
When I make music, it’s always made for the dance floor. So, I’m super happy that you can both hear and feel it in ‘Otherside’. I always have one phrase in my mind when I produce, and that is “keep it simple”. The rule is that if a sound or effect does not add anything to the track, then it should not be there, rather than just blindly following the same recipe every time. I think that’s the way to create something unique

Your signature style is quite characteristic; how do you ensure that your unique sound comes through in each track while also keeping the production fresh and innovative?
Many thanks for the nice words, and that is of course something most producers work with. I don’t try to be stuck in doing exactly the same thing every time, but at the same time, I secure my sound by using the elements that make my sound special. It’s a combination of kick/bass and the melodic elements that are in my music, and of course it has to match the energy, tempo and quietness. It’s not something I think about a lot as such, it happens completely automatically in my creative process

Can you tell us about any challenges you faced during the production and how you overcame them?
The drop took some time to get in place, but otherwise not the big challenges. In all productions, I need a natural flow, and if it doesn’t come, then I drop the project and start another. With ‘Otherside’, it was there 100% from the start.

How would you describe ‘Otherside’ to someone who hasn’t heard it yet?
On the other hand, we have succeeded in creating a number that works both in a more lounge-oriented situation and in the club, so you can expect something that seems familiar, just served in a completely new and fresh way.

As you continue to release captivating tracks like ‘Otherside’, what can your fans and the Electronic Music community expect from your future releases and projects?

There is plenty of new music on the way. The next releases will be ‘Another Day’, on Avanti (Black Hole Recordings) and just before ADE, I will release an EP on Exx Musiz, so if you are in Amsterdam in connection with the Amsterdam Dance Event in October, you can come and hear me live at Escape Club on Friday 20 October or Generator on 21 October, I guarantee a lot of new music, and probably also ‘Otherside’.

As Terry Golden continues to craft captivating music like ‘Otherside,’ we can anticipate more innovative releases on the horizon; make sure to stay tuned to learn more about his upcoming projects and productions, as he keeps unleashing powerful and fresh tracks into the Electronic Music scene. Thank you, Terry, for sharing your creative process and insights with us today!

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