Last night Temposhark played a small, intimate gig at 93 Feet East in East London and it was (believe it or not) my first time seeing the band live!  Every time they have played a show, I’ve been away or some other rubbish reason got in the way of me seeing one of my favourite bands perform live in Londontown.

The show was a lot of fun with three bands playing on the night.  Temposhark played a six song set and kicked off with the hard-hitting "Not That Big" and ended the show with the pounding "Joy".  Perhaps my favourite song of the night was the electric stomper "Knock Me Out" –  it amazes how easily Rob Diament can sing this song as lyrically it’s rather tough to sing – with not much room for breath.  You don’t know how many times I’ve sang this song along with the pod and had to stop to breathe – Rob however does this with ease!  Rob mentioned to the crowd that the brilliant animated video for "Blame" is being picked up in the Edinburgh film festival too which was exciting news for the band as I know they put a lot of creative energy into getting that made. 

It was great to see some hardcore Temposhark fans in the audience singing along and taking snaps.  After the show, we caught up with Rob where we talked about all things EQ including the next single (Not sure if I can devulge that info, but Rob promises he will appear in the video), the brilliance of Alanis Morrisette’s new album and what’s on the horizon for the band. 

All in all – a rather good, chilled out night to the electronic rock melodies of Temposhark and I’m really looking forward to being a groupie at a full headline gig in the future.  As the gig was on Brick Lane, I did get persuaded into having a late night curry with the lovely songstress Sylvia Powell afterwards where the jist of our conversation was not about music, but rather was about parmesean cheese…and that is another story for another day…in the meantime, make sure you get your copy of Temposhark’s "The Invisible Line".  Quite easily one of my favourite albums of the year thus far.