The pop scene (or more appropriately called ‘Popjustice’) is all abuzz with Taio Cruz’s third single called ‘Come On Girl’ which is released February 25th as a digital download. The single also features a little guest appearance by the dance vocal stylings of Lucianna and we have to say, it definitely is one one of the best dance/electro tracks we’ve heard so far this year.

When we first heard this song we thought, where have we heard this before? We took a little ‘cruz’ into our Music Library and there was a song we downloaded ages ago called ‘Movin On’ which we forgot to write about. Ooops. We were going to say something along the lines of ‘finally a hip/hop artist we can deal with’ or ‘Calvin Harris watch out, cuz he’s stealing your neon stylings’ or ‘Wow, a great hip hop /electro-tinged song not produced by Timbaland‘ – mostly something lame, which was probably why we didn’t write about it in the first place, but have a little look below – ‘Movin On’ was a great song and video – still is! We might even suggest the ‘Kardinal Beats Remix’ which is of course VERY EQ and available on iTunes… 😉

Movin On

But let’s not forget about ‘Come On Girl’. It’s gonna be huge. Heck, you might even find a free download of it over on Electro Wow. We’ll be watching Taio Cruz quite closely we thinks. You may even want to go check him out on MySpazz.