SXSW Music Spotlight: The Dumplings (Live Footage)

Polish electronic duo The Dumplings crept onto our radar recently, during the hustle and bustle of the numerous music discovery showcases at SXSW

Sometimes it’s worth turning up ad hoc to a venue, give in to intrigue and go with the flow, as chances might prove fortuitous and you might just discover, the likes of your new favourite band.

Well The Dumplings, definitely fired the curiosity in us with their yummy sounding name and all, but would the music sound as appealing and satisfy our cravings for sifting out a new find of such a notable degree worthiness of the electronic pop kind?

The duo sing in their native tongue, so to be honest we weren’t exactly sure of any deep meanings and themes in their lyrics, but no matters, since the synth woozy bleats of electronic melody more than compensated as a translation. As what we heard passed by as rather mesmerising in a way which at times gave out shades of Bjork and flashes of The Lovestarrs in equal measure.

We have since fished out The Dumplings most recent body of work, their 2015 album “Sea You Later” and found out that in parts it comes through actually, quite dreamy and ethereally spun whilst, decked in a keen eclectically nurtured style of vibrantly pulsating artistry.

On sheer counts of innovation and creativity alone, it quite stokes our alt-pop fires and leaves a lasting impression of being freshly squeezed and organic.