SXSW 17 TV review: Preacher Season 2

It’s day two at SXSW and we were treated to a panel session with Seth Rogen and Preacher comics creator Garth Ellis who talked about the upcoming Preacher Season 2 in which we got to see an action-packed sizzle reel from the first two episodes. The new season looks chock-full-of exhilarating action scenes and the usual crazy fucked-up-ness that Preacher offers us.

Last year at SXSW we were treated to the pilot episode of Preacher and it’s fantastic to learn that the show was so well-received by veteran comic fans and new fans alike that it immediately renewed for a second season by AMC. Its quite apparent that Seth Rogen and Garth Ellis have plenty of stories to tell and draw from the Preacher vast comic source material.

The funniest moment of the panel came when an audience member asked the panel how they know when to draw the line when they think something is a little bit “too-much” to which Seth Rogen replied;

“You’re talking to the wrong person. I made a movie about food fucking and almost started a war with North Korea. When I asked myself where the line was, I looked and it was way back there.”

And the crowd erupted with laughter!

If you’re not watching Preacher on AMC, you are missing out on one of the most daring TV shows on air right now. Binge watch season 1 on AMC now and coming soon to Hulu.