The Swedish House Mafia has come a long way since releasing "One (Your Name)." They've become one of the biggest house bands in the world, with venues all over the globe, from Ibiza to New York, looking to bring them to the stage. Swedish House Mafia Tickets sold out fast for the group's latest coup: a massive concert at Madison Square Garden on Dec. 16. It was an unmissable event for anyone who loves dance music.

Look around online these days, and its hard to avoid seeing Swedish House Mafia earning attention in the music press. MTV News wrote up an article all about the MSG performance, noting that they are also scheduled to perform at Milton Keynes National Bowl in the U.K. on July 14, 2012. No doubt the MSG show will whip up even more excitement for the British performance, but both are sure to be great experiences, and anyone who has never been to a Swedish House Mafia concert before is well-recommended to attend.

According to the MTV News article, Swedish House Mafia has been hinting at both performances for a while now, giving fans tantalizingly few details but keeping them in the loop that something would be happening. "Rumblings of an epic announcement have been suspected since the group first posted a website,www.230911.com, teasing coded numbers and letters that eventually came to spell out MSG and MKB," the article says. "In fact, it's a form of underground promotion SHM has become known for: Before March's Miami "Masquerade Motel: One Night Stand" beach party, they released a series of teaser videos online.'

The time has finally come for fans to find out what all the teasing was about, and no doubt they'll be pleased. For house fans, there's some vindication to be found in seeing one of their favorite acts – a house act, specifically – attain a spot at a place like the world-famous Madison Square Garden. The reason why is because house has for many years been considered a marginal kind of genre, despite there being many, many fans that enjoyed it. Seeing Swedish House Mafia at venues this big suggests that house has reached a milestone in terms of acceptance in the mainstream. It isn't simply something that dance fans are familiar with. The wider world knows and loves house music.

Farther down the road, Swedish House Mafia can be expected to make some milestones of a different sort. They will be performing at the Down Under Music Festival next year in March, and it will be their debut performance at the event, says Adelaide Now. The article notes that it took only 10 minutes to sell out the Madison Square Garden date, so the Down Under Festival is sure to prove just as popular. There's no denying the fact that Swedish House Mafia has developed into a juggernaut in both the dance and mainstream pop worlds, and they're going to be getting lots of attention for a long, long time.