Rent_1 This weekend, Electroqueer hosted a UK pre-screening of the rock-opera musical movie version of ‘Rent’ for some very special VIP peeps.  So, in honor of some of the most influencial musical moments of the last decade, here are your Sunday Daily Dowloads of highly recommended electroqueer musical soundtracks;

Rent: Highlights from the Original 2005 Motion Picture Soundtrack: our favourite tracks are ‘One Song Glory’, ‘Take Me Or Leave Me’ and ‘La Vie Boheim’.

Cabaret: The New Broadway Cast Recording (1998 Broadway Revival): Great soundtrack and show as sung by the amazing Alan Cumming who won the Tony for his performance.

Hedwig and the Angry Inch: Movie Soundtrack: Fantastic Movie with some great rock songs about a boy who cut off his willy in the pursuit of love.

Rent also produced two very talented performers in the way of Anthony Rapp (who’s openly gay) and Adam Pascal.  If you are open to the idea of exploring some good indy rock from these two musical powerhouses, check out Anthony Rapp’s ‘Look Around’ and Adam Pascal’s ‘Civilian’.