It’s Wednesday.  It’s definitley the most beautiful day of the year outside in London today.  I felt the sunshine on my cheeks and felt inspired.  I felt the cool summer breeze through my hair and felt uplifted.  I saw all the boys and girls prancing around Old Compton Street today in shorts and t-shirts and it made me say, "I Love London".  You see it doesn’t take much to make this little music blogger just a little bit happier…on with the rants.

  • Thanks to EQ reader "Bully" there seems to be some news on the release of Blake Lewis’ EP for "How Many Words" – and it’s chuck full of some good remixes too!  Check out this link on Amazon!  Yes please.

  • In Imogen Heap’s latest vblog she brings up the subject of her so-called "green" neighbors who cut down a tree so they could see their car better, thus the inspiration for a new song called "A-ha!" on her upcoming album – click here for the story and some sound clips!

  • I had no idea that S’Express were releasing a new song and by golly, it’s already on iTunes and it’s called "Stupid Little Girls".  EQ approved!

  • Adele sounds pretty good when you remix her.  I love the Out Of Office remix of "Cold Shoulder" that’s out now.  Still haven’t bought her album yet.

  • Are you sick of Sam Sparro yet?  There is an advert on TV promoting his new album like every five minutes or so it seems.  Lucky for him, I’m still diggin the album.

  • No matter how much you tell me I’m stupid for not liking Madonna’s new album, I stand by my word.  Just because she’s Madonna doesn’t mean everything she does is amazing.  Yes, 95% of what she does is amazing, but there is a 5% of her work that I just don’t get.  And most of that 5% is on "Hard Candy".

  • More Alannah Currie (formerly of The Thompson Twins) news in The London Paper last night about her upholstery exhibit in London.  Aside from being the toast of the design world at the moment, she apparently divorced Tom Bailey and re-married some dude from The KLF.

  • And finally, I have to admit, I kinda like NKOTB’s new song "Summertime" that is all over YouTube now.  Yeah it’s not the end-all-be-all song of the summer, but it’s poppy and danceable enough.  I am sorely disappointed though that the boys won’t be bringing their hangin toughs to the UK though.  Check out this little vid-e-o of the boys getting attacked by Ryan Seacrest.  Yeah Ryan – I know you were a New Kid fan too…don’t hide, come out.