Photo by Simon Wisbey

The jewelled synth pop of London based popstrel Pawws is back with us again.

Following last years splendid introduction by way of the double A sided release of “Time To Say Goodbye” / “Slow Love” that I fawned over quite greatly. We are now treated too and impeccably indulged with, the saccharine sweet stirrings measured up by a flourish of bittersweet disco happenings which go side by side together in thoughtful and heartfelt delivery, forming as the lead and title track of the upcoming debut “Sugar” EP.

Notably “Sugar” speaks with an open heart, of heartbreak and yet it is dappled in the most daintily exquisite glistening strands of meticulous synth design that take it over the threshold of being just another pretty melody, to that of an elegantly and refinely engineered torch song.

Added to the fact that Lucy Taylor (Pawws) possesses the most enrapturing disco princess vocal tone this side of Kylie, Pawws can just keep on handing these sweet pickings out, as our ears are keen on listening.

Pre-order via Best Fit Records