Whose with me as a pumped up 80’s new wave synth pop fan ? still with me if I call out New Order, The Human League, Depeche Mode and Duran Duran?  For those left standing and geared up for more, I deliver unto you “Story of the Running Wolf”. A bright and buzzing LA based synth pop duo who are firmly making a name for themselves in the close circles of California and whose self-titled debut EP has seen itself spinning around on my ipod playlist for way too long than I care to remember, with my express intentions on sharing it with you.

With no further adieu I shall do so now!

As a duo on a mission to create electro neon waves of sound and love, collectively Josh D’Elia and Jeffrey Chernick ride on the crest of that neon wave by achieving a vividly retro and outwardly fantastical sci-fi stirring of synth packed wonderment.

All is unveiled within their neatly turned out self-titled debut EP.

Leading the pack of synth dynamite, first base is touched by the heady glam borne glitter-fest storm of  “Stratospheric” – both edgy and dreamy rolled into a ball of 80’s charged new wave DNA with charismatically smooth Alex Aikiu style crooning tipping it into the ether of an octane anthem.

There is no doubt that “New Love” is spawned with inspiration drawn from 80’s new wave champions New Order x Human League and synth icons combined makes for a highly peppy burst of dance energy.

Slipping on their “Black MaskStory of the Running Wolf  layer on the mysterious element with freckled shimmering rounds of twinkling sequencing and tropically bright accents capturing a splash in similarity of the last years new found sound of EQ favourites Baby Monster.

Bling, bling, the glam pop light comes full-on, on “Punk Rock Died”.  Jump right in with your New Order boots on and and kick up some floor y’all.

It was only a matter of time I guess before the vocoder caught up with the running wolves, so with their Daft Punk visors pulled on for brief moments the duo conclude their first EP with a mid tempo synth gem “Dekonstruction”.

With a 2013 that is already so plumped up with mainstream pop, rappers, club bangers and alt-pop we simply NEED a new synth pop saviour to keep our electro-heads a buzzin.  Let it begin with Story of the Running Wolf.

Get fuelled up on synth pop gas!  Story of the Running Wolf’s debut chapter available for FREE Download via their website