OK – Paul Zapping mentioned to me that BWO were performing at G-A-Y on 21st July, which is exciting news all in itself but I read over at Pop Poster Girl’s blog just now that not only are they performing, but Alcazar and Army Of Lovers are also reforming for a one night only performance!

Whoa. Whoa. Yes, I just felt my heart skip a beat. Somebody get me a glass of water please.

You see as we head into the ripe old age of 33 in a few weeks, we actually stopped going to G-A-Y. There just comes an age and a time where you have to stop hanging out with the 17 year olds (OK I can hear you taking the piss about the age of my boyfriend…), but for this monumentous occasion we will most definitley be draggin our young-at-heart-we-know-we-dont-look-a-day-over-25 asses down to the Astoria to be wowed by this Swedish music extravaganzza!

Andreas. Annikafiore. Magnus. Tess : All performing again. It’s too much. I might need a tissue as we put on our ‘Ultimate Alcazar’ playlist. We were only a wee geeky teenager when Army Of Lovers were popular, but to see them sing ‘Crucified’ for the first time might make us keel over with excitement. Someone please have emergency services on hand that night for us please.