Calling all lovers of abstract electronica on the gritty, intelligent and shadowy side.

In terms of electronic notoriety, Kent based newcomers STILLS are still a little wet behind the ears in newness after their live debut gig back in September, but having just been introduced to their uniquely distinctive growling and penetratively scratchy sound, it is one that cuts the air of intrigue with a razor slice of adventurous experimental intrepidness.

The brainchild of electronic musician Felix and singer-songwriter, visual artist Andree, STILLS have tapped into the left-of-field market with an enterprising combination of darkened electronica that is embellished by Andree’s raspy idiosyncratic diverse vocals.

Like a pot of bubbling black gold splashed with Depeche Mode, Hurts and a gothed up Saint Saviour, STILLS hold an ace card of unconventional individuality that imprints itself somewhere risen up out of the dubstep culture.

Be forward thinking, be prepared for a collision of warming and spiky sounds, listen to the ambitiously stark and resilient wall of sound that is STILLS through the following three impressionistically riveting tracks.

STILLS will be one of many new acts appearing at the Standon Calling Festival alongside Bastille and AlunaGeorge in August (details here)