I could get into serious hot water now for proclaiming that Doe Deere is my favourite disco diva of the moment. While most music bloggers are going on about Swedish popster Isabel Guzman, I keep finding myself blissly distracted by the pop/discorock frenzy that Doe Deere has whipped up in the way of debut album "Supernatural".

With the stunning "One Touch" already at the top of my playlist, it was with rather excited anticipation that I opened my copy of the album to review in hi-fi.  Combining edgy pop infused with a healthy amount of 80s-esqe pounding rock and perfectly executed dreamy synths, every one of the five tracks on "Supernatural" is superb.  "Mona Lisa" is a white-hot dream that conjurs up audio tidbits of Laura Branigan’s "Self Control" (similar to Christian George’s "Strangers", but less obvious). "SF Disco" imagines our Deere prancing around atop a bar in the Castro whilst winning our bambi hearts with her "get down on the floor" commandments. "What U Like" and "Supernatural" are also very strong tracks and for a five track album, you won’t be disappointed in Doe Deere’s debut effort.

You must go out and buy this album now on Doe Deere’s MySpace where you’ll be met with a cute message from the poptastic lad-e with antlers. She’s so adorable.  I love everything about her.  Just like every good artist these days, she’s done it all herself without compromise, without a big label and has made a set of tracks that isn’t so scary like it’s title suggests, but rather a cool set of tracks that are inviting, frisky and all-in-all – rather genius.

You may now all start talking about Doe Deere ladies and gentlemen…And don’t forget if you’re a member of the EQ Facebook Group, you can still download the brilliant "One Touch" for a limited time only.