Discovering an artist I have never heard of is one of my favorite parts about being a music fan. I am constantly on the lookout for new sounds to add to my library. My hunger for music recently opened my ears to French electro pop/rock band The Shoes. The versatile duo is gaining more attention with the help of their latest music video, “Time to Dance.” The short film begins with a snippet of the rock heavy tune “America.” Next, the innocent video reveals actor Jake Gyllenhaal who takes us through a suspenseful and techno-infused plot. The video was directed by British director, Daniel Wolfe.

You can watch the video for “Time to Dance” on the band’s YouTube page here.

Even though I enjoy looking at Jake Gyllenhaal as much as the next guy, I rather share the tune that caught my attention. “Stay the Same” appeared on the band’s first album “Crack my Bones” in 2011. The indie pop groove features vocals by French recording artist Esser. “Stay the Same” is a beautiful combination of drums and guitars with an electronic undertone. Esser completes the song with soft harmonies and a delightful tenor voice. “Time to Dance” didn’t blow my mind upon first listen, but “Stay the Same” remains on repeat.