Marlene 1

Brought to our attention last year and subsequently garnering the position on EQ as a highlighted emerging artist, Swedish pop sort Marlene, threw in a hazy French electro presence on sun kissed debut effort “Bon Voyage”.

Building upon the dreamy soundscape route, Marlene returns with a sumptuously billowing sophomore release “Stay Awake”.

Guided by glowing vocals swooping with rise and fall whilst set against a backdrop of dusky electronic aurora giving off an RnB incandesent afterglow. “Stay Awake” channels the mood through the impetus that the lyrics provide in narrating the first flush of feeling when finding a compatible partner or soul-mate.

In essence “Stay Awake” resonates in the dreamy ether of Swedish synth pop equivalence with me to that of the Judie Tzuke classic “Stay With Me Till Dawn”.

Seems to me that Marlene is continuing to be quite compatible in bringing emotively soothing and heart-warming sensitised pop tunes that spark us into an ensuing overall luxuriantly pleasurable listening experience.