Nu-Disco romantics Sally Shapiro head up the release of their forthcoming album “Somewhere Else” by showing out some spacey glitterdust glamour.

You’d be forgiven for thinking that the track in question “Starman” was purely a Sally Shapiro creation, but actually it melds the talents of both parts of Canadian synth pop duo Electric Youth so seamlessly that the baton to baton switch in vocal duties during the choruses between Sally Shapiro and Electric Youth’s Bronwen is virtually indistinguishable.  Whilst it is also noticeable that EY’s Austin’s contribution through the lyrics made for a winning combination

Evidently both duos’ styles were synth made for each other and this is quite the reason why the track can elevate itself to such a level of accomplished sophistication.

It maybe a Swedish x Canadian breeding yet it does come at me more fashioned with an air of chic Parisian coffee shop.

In strolling along the Bakery Boulevard, we wouldn’t be finding ourselves popping into Greggs but swishly strutting through the doors of Patisserie Valerie.

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