Ever since the Lady Gaga show at OMO Generations last weekend, I’ve totally been obsessing over her support DJ, the lovely Space Cowboy.  His electro song with Nadia Oh called "My Egyptian Lover" is out of this world and I can’t stop playing it.  From what I know too, apparently the song was released in 2006…so old song, but still funky fresh to me since I haven’t heard it before.

In doing some further scrounges on the internet, I’ve also found a new video from Nadia Oh which also features le Space Cowboy called "Got Ur Number".  The video looks like it was pulled directly from Madonna’s "Confessions On A Dancefloor" era with the roller-skates and the purple and pink outfits.  It’s discolicous.  I’m officially obsessed with Space Cowboy and Nadia Oh now.  Lucky them.  If you have a chance to pickup Space Cowboy’s album "Digital Rock" as well (it’s on iTunes), it’s totally worth it.  It makes my long commute to the office WAY more enjoyable.

Enjoy these videos to get a taste of my latest electro obsession. 

Space Cowboy and Nadia Oh…reminds me of Johnny O and Cynthia from the day…do you feel me EQs?

My Egyptian Lover

Got Ur Number