Since appearing on The Voice UK in 2014. Irish-born pop singer Rachael O’Connor has achieved music success her younger self could only dream about. She struck it lucky, lucky, lucky by securing the mentorship of Kylie Minogue on the show, which gave her the break she needed. At just sixteen years old at the time, she was the youngest contestant on the show. Her story doesn’t stop there, however. In her most recent achievements, she landed a gig as a backing singer for Duran Duran, which was quite an accomplishment.

Nine years ago, she set herself a goal of releasing her own music, and building a solo career is still her ultimate goal. She subsequently ramped up her efforts to achieve this objective in 2022 and 2023. To date, she has released a handful of singles.

Since completing North American tour dates with Duran Duran recently, Rachael’s attention has returned to her own solo releases once more and a new single, “Start of Something.”

Readers tuning in to EQ Music Blog today are in for a treat, as they are getting the exclusive first listen to Rachael O’Connor’s latest single.

The way Rachael O’Connor presents her music is truly exciting. Her latest single, “Start of Something,” is a perfect example of her signature style. The song is bright, melodically breezy, and equally full of heart and soul. What sets her apart from others is her ability to share magnetic, heart-on-sleeve lyricism through immediately relatable storytelling. It’s no surprise that this style is fast becoming recognised as her signature brand.

In Rachael’s words, “Start of Something” is…

about meeting someone from across the room and immediately fantasising about your happily ever after. Which may not end up happening, but it’s fun at the time”.

The single “Start of Something” by Rachael O’Connor is a fine piece of pop music. I’m sure this song will go down well, especially with those into music artists who don’t stop the hot pop.

So if you’re a new fan of Rachael’s music, be sure to stay tuned to her journey as she continues to make her mark in the industry.

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