Bitch Artwork 

It’s not that we want to shamelessly harangue you into voting for one of our favourite bands for a global industry award or anything but… OK that’s exactly what we want you to do.

Disco Damage are favourites of these fair pages and after plying their funky and aggressive trade for the past few years they’ve earned themselves a place on the shortlist for this year’s People’s Music Awards in the Dance/Electronica category. With half of the group coming from Argentina and with their DJ sets causing a storm in clubs across Europe, they more than match the requirements for an international award like this and are in a perfect position to benefit from the exposure it’ll give them.

They’re so good they’ve already made it to the top two, but now they need your vote to get them the gong and earn their place on radio playlists, on magazine pages and, most importantly, in people’s ears. They’ve got our backing but the power, dear reader, lies with you. It would mean the world to both Laura and Kristin if you voted for them and helped them get there. We know this ‘cos they told us.

So stop doing the robot, put your clothes back on and get voting!