Salt Ashes 1

We were on the hop tip regarding emerging artist Salt Ashes last year, after the ethereal pop chanteuse illuminated our lives by testing out some synth based goodies on soundcloud. These for the most part throbbed a vein of otherworldly kindred spirit likenesses to Kate Bush, Queen Of Hearts and Ellie Goulding.

Breaking almost a year’s silence on imparting any new material and out of nowhere, Salt Ashes has now reappeared into the gaze of new music platforms from a studio bolt-hole brandishing her radiantly sumptuous nu-disco debut single “Somebody”.

You won’t have to listen too deeply to pick up upon the major Studio 54 influence factored into this bubbling brew of cosmic boogie, but far from “Somebody” just being a stab at disco revival, Salt Ashes vocal flourishes bring a utopian flow of sonic sounding sistership recognisable lately of Alison Goldfrapp.

As a choice of debut single “Somebody” demonstrates an impressionably stunning effort in hybrid pop making.