Long time EQ favourite, Siobhan Donaghy returns with some new music and something a little bit different for her.  She has teamed up with Square1 for a new EP release called "Styfling" that you can hear right now over on Square1's Myspace page.  

The "Styfling" EP should be released sometime this month and I'm more than hungry for it.  With a classic Siobhan style version of the song combined with some rather intersting electro and urban remixes, "Styfling" really satisfies me.  With the brief interlude of Siobhan's short-lived West End appearance in Rent Remixed in London, it's high time that Siobhan return to the music.  She's one of those artists that never ceases to mesmerize me and "Styfling" does just that – to no end.

But what do you think of "Styfling"?