Did you miss Lights? I cannot be the only one that has missed her. I am pretty sure you remember her second studio album “Siberia”. The album was just so awesome that it is not necessary to mention that it left us speechless and thirsty for more.

For the sake of the white baby Jesus – Lights had announced, around the end of February that “Siberia” had been recorded as an acoustic album as well to be released this month. The EQ team was lucky enough to get a first listen of “Siberia Acoustic” and words are just not enough to describe the incredible experience from listening to this amazing companion album.

Here’s what to expect…

The album opens with the second single – “Banner”, taking it to next level perfection with a perfect sharp sound and execution. Each guitar strum will make your heart melt. “Banner” was definitely a fan favorite, and this version does NOT dissapoint. The album then quickly goes from guitar to piano with “Cactus in the Valley” featuring Owl City and Heavy Rope. The chemistry between Adam and Lights’ voices is ridiculous. If it was hard not to cry when listening to the original ballad, then this too GOT me sobbing at first listen.

When you think about songs like “Suspension” and “When The Fence is Low”, you think “How is she going to turn them acoustic?” as those songs are the ones with the strongest beats. To our surprise, Lights turned it OUT. “Suspension” and “Where The Fence is Low” actually sound quite…how can I put this, EVERYTHING. It will take your breath away the second Lights turns her beautiful vocals into harmonies, transforming the club-friendly songs into incredibly beautiful acoustic tracks.

“Siberia” and “And Counting” are tracks that I related to the most and I was quite excited to check them out as acoustic versions. The production, lyrics and vocals of these killer tracks will make you want to put them on instant repeat. You might think that “And Counting” falls very short in lyrics, which is true, but what it lacks in lyrics, it makes up for in deep meaning. The message behind the song is what makes it astonishingly heart-melting. For me, this song is simple, yet a beautiful and painful representation of the mental state you enter when there’s distance separating you and your significant other. In a long distance relationship, The only thing that matters is how many days are left until you can see your love again. It feels like you’re counting down your life.


The catchiest songs are not left behind on this acoustic album either. We are talking about “Toes”, “Timing is Everything” and “Flux and Flow”. What I can say about “Timing is Everything” and “Flux and Flow” is that they are as captivating as the original tracks are – definitely a highlight of the album that I want you guys to figure out on your own when it comes out. But I cannot keep “Toes” to myself. It is the song that transports me to a completely different world. The acoustic version makes it that much more beautiful as well the way the vocals are so well controlled and on-point: vocals that always leave you with that special dreamy feeling.

“Siberia – Acoustic” by Lights had me sobbing throughout the whole album on first listen. It is worth downloading and it is definitely one of the best acoustic albums you will ever hear.


Siberia (Acoustic) - Lights