I’ve just had a listen to her incredible album "Queen Of France" and I’m totally in love with her.  As our headline would indicate too, As In RebekkaMaria is ONE to watch. 

Hailing from Scandinavia, As In RebekkaMaria is the latest quirky lady to rule the pop roost lately as she’s been generating an online buzz that would make any electropop lover sit up, listen and take notes.  Click onto her MySpace and you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about as "Yours Truly" is beyond infectious.  EQ favourite Juvelen got me turned onto her last month as he’s worked with her a fair bit.  And when Juvelen recommends an artist, I definitely take notice.

Check out her videos to "Yours Truly" and "Soul To My Soul" below and you’ll understand why she’s on the hot tip and if you can get your hands on a copy of "Queen Of France" – it totally is worth it looking for.  She’ll restore your faith in electropop – guaranteed.  And if not, at least she’s a nice break from the saturation that is Katy Perry at the moment.

Yours Truly

Soul To My Soul