We know it never died, but there has been a notable resurgence of retro electro funk boogie seeping back into the gaze of the EDM / club music scene of late.

For the most part it is the case that today’s new contemporary crop of aspiring musicians and singers are seeking influence from the prominent disco era of the 70’s and 80’s, however there is one such collective from the USA, Company Freak whose aim is to bring together the voices of both the 70’s and 80’s alongside that of some of today’s rising talents.

Clive Davis protégé Jason King is at the helm of the project overseeing the writing, arrangement and production, but also on board of this multi-generational venture are the famed dance music diva Jocelyn Brown, LaBelle’s Sarah Dash and Broadway star Vivian Reed, who reach out alongside a casting of some of today’s most called upon session singers: – Shayna Steele (Rihanna), Melissa Musique (Chrisette Michelle, Jessie J.) and Matia Washington (The Clark Sisters, John Legend).

Ahead of the incoming debut EP “Le Disco Social” leads the dancefloor anthem of “Sexoholic” showcasing the towering vocal strength of Vivian Reed who etches a resolute command upon the saucy lyrical narrative.

Bolstering this already Studio 54 evocative wall of sound, comes a solid remix package of present day re-imagining’s that calls upon the acclaimed remix skills of Jodie Harsh, Eric Kupper, Marc Marshall and Sammy Bananas.

We are rather partial to Jodie Harsh’s behemothic fix of high-octane vastness, that of course, we would rather want you to listen too, but don’t press play if you’re not willing or prepared to werk some moves upon it!