7 star

There’s something about the art of reinvention which deserves immense applause (A-P-P-L-A-U-S-E). Whether it’s the Queen of Pop Madonna evoking yet another persona for her 100th album or new pop force Lady Gaga switching gears for her upcoming ARTPOP, it is exciting to hear a new sound and witness a new image from a talented, hardworking musician.

New York independent artist and EQ favorite SIRPAUL is once again challenging himself with his seventh studio album, Seventh Star, by shedding the heavy, hardcore dance influences found on his last release, the critically-acclaimed The Horse, in exchange for some New Wave, Europop, synth and slight rock production surrounding ever-improving vocal performances.

Seventh Star, said to be inspired by his new found love of symbolism and witchcraft, is an effort revolving around the complicated idea of love. The first half of the new release is packed with romantic, first date worthy, pop tracks such as the infectious lead single “Every Single Moment” and overly-adorable (*cough soon-to-be-single cough*) “Be Mine”, which set up a head over heels, love drunk vibe influenced by the artist’s positive personal life. It’s tracks such as these that prepare listeners for the true pop journey they are setting course for.

Serving as an appropriate breather, placed right in the middle of the album, previously released, Armand Deluxe collaboration “Feelin’ Free” is the guilty pleasure, summery pop anthem we have come to expect from the talented artist. “Come on and dance with me, I wanna go, We got the whole night, Baby we can let it flow,” SIRPAUL sings on the catchy, carefree creation before the leather boots come on.

Once the lovey-dovey, high school crush feelings subside, the dance artist takes a turn for the naughty as the second half of the record contains one deliciously raunchy track after another. From “Turning Me On”, the dirty, straightforward, synthpop bedroom jam, to “Your Bedroom” featuring an additional, impressive rap verse from Baron, it is clear SIRPAUL was in a lustful mood during his new album’s creation, needing no subtle innuendos to get his point across this time around.

Love Sick” is a definite standout. Known for his uptempo, dancefloor efforts, the hard-hitting, R-rated track would be the one where listeners really begin to sweat it out. The artist is revealing all his dark, twisted fantasies in the energetic pop cut with an incredibly chorus, and we are all for hearing them. The 90s-sounding “Give Me More” follows a similar path. “The way you look at me is dangerous, I want to take it there, but I have to be cautious,” the artist sings on the naughty pop song of desire and sexual distractions.

Seventh Star has many whimsical and magical inspirations, those inspirations are clear across the album’s 12 tracks. Split in half, right down the middle, both pieces come together to create an image of an artist and where he is at during this point in his career.

While the first half deals with romance and love, creating an upbeat and inspiring message for those who are currently having their hearts stolen, the second half becomes a raunchy telling of one’s carnal desires in the bedroom. With only a couple of slips, sorry not feeling “The Centenary Diamond”, the album is a well thought out, enjoyable listen for those addicted lovers of the pop/dance genre. SIRPAUL is always toying with new sounds and this album represents yet another successful transformation.