In my weekly scrounge of the internet for all things fun and Sergey, I found out via one of my favorite blogsters Pop Poster Girl that my numero uno Russian popster did a performance of a new song called "Flyer" for the Russian Eurovision competition.  Unfortunately, Sergey lost to Dima Bilan and only came in 4th which I think is a travesty.  Hahaha – like I’m one to judge Russian pop acts, but since I think Sergey is a hell of a lot more sexier than Dima (see below), I’m going to get all pissy about it and you can’t stop me.  Anywho – check out Sergey’s stellar performance and all black wearing sexiness on the YouTubage below.

What did you think about that!  And if that wasn’t enough, we are treated to a new video by Sergey for his uber-bitchy track "Girlfriend" which once again sees Sergey slinking around with a bunch of beautiful women with his shirt half-open.  New Sergey = Happy EQs. 

How does Sergey Lazarev know how to push all my pop buttons?  Naughty Sergey.

And here is the nakedness of Dima Bilan just for the hell of it…do the homework!  Dima is quite obviously a believer in "less is more". 

Oh it’s a fun day here in the EQ office!