Yay!  Scissor Sisters have unveiled their new butt-clenching artwork for their third album "Night Work" which will be out on June 28th.  As a special treat, the band put up album track "Invisible Light" on their official website which is a curiously strange little number – I quite like the homage to Michael Jackson's "Thriller" they threw in there as well!

When asked about the sound of "Night Work" Jake Shears said: “Night Work is really us boiled down to who we are. It feels quintessentially us."

I'm kinda excited for this record – Scissor Sisters are proclaiming it to be a "dance record but not all electronic" – which I find very interesting indeed.  If they bring out the jams like "I Don't Feel Like Dancing" and mix it up with solid electronica like "Comfortably Numb" – I think it will be one amazing record.

New single "Fire With Fire" will precede the album launch!  So looking forward to it…