So soon, after the collab with Eva Simon’s on “Let’s Do It Again”, here we are saying hey to the EQ hotly tipped duo of The Young Professionals, better known as TYP to the likes of you and me!

We bid a return to the electro pop hit makers since they have just turned about a new EP “Think Again”, which comes weighed with “Let’s Do It Again” and also a whole three more tracks plus a remix.

It is one of these other tracks that spawns another collaboration, that of “Say Hey” whereupon, the duo engage with the hip-hopping dirty bass quartet of Far East Movement.

If it is that you are now expecting a rumbling dirty beast of electronic production, conjoined by a flourish of rap and the overall vocally pop edged character of Ivri Lider at the heart of it all, you got it, as that’s exactly what’s going on “Say Hey”.

Handclaps at the ready, as when “Say Hey” builds, you are definitely going to need them. Since, the stomping beats on this command them! Infact, it’s probably just as well best to go the whole hog of moshing, stomping and fist pumping it out if I’m totally honest!

Final word is, “Say Hey“, sure is some awesome sauce!