One band I've had my eye on a lot has been the fantastic Karoshi since Mandy pointed me in their direction not too long ago.  We featured Karoshi on EQ Trax in February as they were giving away their track "Safe" and since then, I've fell charmed to some of their other tracks such as "Not Sitting" and "These Clocks".  All of which are little slices of electro-pop heaven sprinkled with a bit of gusto – if I were to make a comparative, Karoshi remind me a little bit of Stefy and Dragonette all rolled into one.  And if that weren't cool enough – the band have also remixed Mr. Fogg's "Moving Parts" as well and have given it a bit of a spunky feel to it – watch out for that remix when it hits digital outlets soon.

Check out "These Clocks" below which is my fave track of theirs, but for the full phat experience of discovering Karoshi for yourself, you need to visit their official website.