A Thousand Fires 1

The familiar face to EQ of Coury Palermo hot foots it over from his recent Paige and Palermo project with Jennifer Paige to preside over another new music undertaking A Thousand Fires in collaboration with Arrows and Sound / Family Force 5 writer-producer Philip Zach.

Coming together upon the A Thousand Fires venture Coury and Philip have engineered an eclectic soundscape which is bound by dreamily comtemplative narratives and adorned with sumptuously poignant harmonies that take effect as soundbytes of exquisite earcandy.

In introduction to the burgeoning electronic exploit of A Thousand Fires that is to be unveiled through a three-fold drop of EP’s over the forthcoming months in the format titled as the “rebelloverliar” triology and preceding the imminent initial instalment of the “Rebel EP” release, we are given insight into the project through an upfront glimpse via the sophomore chapter of the “Lover EP” in the form of the wistfully musing track “Rumor”.

Directed by a floaty gracefulness that evokes an ambience of gossamery melancholy, “Rumor” metamorphosis’s with a charming and beguiling presence of spellbinding wonderment that takes flight in a fancifully elegant nature equalled in beauty to that of witnessing an emerging butterfly.

The even more wonderful news is “Rumour” is presently made available to us gifted as a FREE DOWNLOAD.