On Sunday night, the Robyn and Sam Sparro show rocked itself into Londontown and although I was already supremely excited for the gig to begin with, I left even more impressed that Robyn’s show finally reflects the true pop star that she really is.  Having played in some of London’s smallest and grittiest venues just over a year ago, seeing Robyn live at the Astoria was a much more visually exciting experience than ever before.  With loads of multi-coloured lights and a cleverly mixed video program that complimented each track, you really felt the rise of Robyn’s stardom at this show.  She’s worked hard in nurturing her UK audience and the proof was in the production on Sunday night – it actually felt like we were being rewarded for being a Robyn fan.

Although the setlist didn’t change much from previous shows, we were treated to a surprise when Robyn went into "Sexual Eruption" in her homage to the classic 80’s old school hip/hop tracks including "Buffalo Stance" and "Push It".  The crowd went absolutely wild when Robyn sang her current single "Who’s That Girl" all the while flashing images of iconic women (including Prince) were shown throughout the energetic number.  Still a crowd treat, Robyn also sang "Dream On" – her collaboration with Christian Falk and introduced it to the crowd as a "new" song to the audience – could this track possibly be on her next album (I have to ask) as people still are responding to this old song quite favorably.

Noticeably absent though was Kleerup with the band – perhaps preparing for the promotion of his new and quite brilliant new solo album which you must get your hands on.


Sam Sparro was of course incredible as well.  It was my first time seeing Mr. Sparro live in the UK and all I can say is that "I so wanted more".  Sporting an oversize t-shirt (I still want to see you in something more fitted Sam…) and a keytar (isn’t it interesting how keytars are coming back en vogue again), Sam and his band really shook the house – the smile on Sam’s face throughout the set was so adorable.  The best song of the night was definitely "Pocket" and amongst the crowd shouts were "this song is so good" and "I love that song" and as I’ve said before, "Pocket" could be a huge summer smash for Sam Sparro in the UK.  Having saved the best for last, Sam delivered "Black And Gold" just flawlessly with the crowd singing along and it was just amazing to witness Sam relishing his #2 chart success with London that night.


All in all – you couldn’t ask for a better gig to bring on the summer in my humble opinion.  Seeing two of Universal’s label mates band together for a night of hot music may seem like a logical idea, but if you are Robyn and Sam Sparro, you couldn’t ask for a better gig at the moment.  If you get a chance to catch the Robyn and Sam Sparro show in the UK, you must not miss it.  I personally wish I could relive the whole enjoyable sweaty experience all over again…this was one of those shows you’d wish they would have recorded.

And here’s a little YouTube morsel for you…enjoy Robyn performing show closer, "Be Mine" on the night.