So yesterday was just an utterly brilliant day at Electroqueerpalooza – so much happened and every minute was action-packed with so much pop and electro goodness that we almost forgot who we were last night. In other words – yes, we had PLENTY of drinks. So here is your roving report, from the trenches…although there wasn’t any mud involved.

  • The Tiffany Interview – It happened. After 20 years of listening to her albums and wishing we could have a conversation with her – it happened. Dispite a small technical hitch whereas her line dropped during a really interesting story about ‘The Color Of Silence’ album, the interview went well (we hope she feels the same). Tiffany was just a doll on the phone. Very engaging and providing a lot of interesting stories along the way, it was a joy to interview her. We actually didn’t have to ask about 8 questions on our list because she answered them along the way. More details on the interview later EQs!
  • Immeditatley after the interview, we met Sy from Naked Highway and spent most of the day with him and dragged him to the Darren Hayes show. Sy is just such an amazing and fun character and we quickly became fast friends – It’s just so nice to spend time with another fellow American as well. Poor Geri couldn’t keep up as we were chatting so fastly in our American accents. Poor Sy though – Air France lost his luggage which contained an essential part of his stage costume though…but the show went on!
  • Darren Hayes Club Delicacy – What a treat! Darren performed ‘Casey’ for the first time while wearing a new sexy gold shirt under a white suit. He also exclusively revealed that ‘that fabulous London date in October’ is…The Royal Albert Hall! Incredible…that venue is HUGE and grand! We are very excited for the tour now!
  • Some guy in the VIP area of the show hit on Geri in the toilet and slipped him his phone number. That troll then had the audacity to say to Geri that ‘it didn’t matter’ after Geri explained to him that he has a boyfriend. I’m actually flattered about the whole thing, but note to troll…hands off.
  • Thanks to the wonderful and photogenic Richard and Goldberg and Akasha from for giving us DVDs too with lots of goodies on them. We also got a promo album from Vivek Shraya in the mail which we will be reviewing for you soon – he’s quite good at the electro stuff too!
  • Arjan Writes has a fabulous review of the album promo CD that is floating around. Check it out! Oh what the heck, we were going to keep this a secret, but we also have an interview planned with Mr. Darren Hayes as well in early July.
  • Switch22 were amazing as usual. We hung out with them for a bit backstage, but mostly with Swany this time as SDB had to run off to do a gig involving a ‘loin cloth’ for the BBC. They sang ‘Back To The Dancefloor’ and ‘1985’ and thanks again for the band giving EQ a shout out – those make us all warm and fuzzy. Swany also called us an ‘electrowhore’ which we loved. It’s true – LOL. Pics to follow…
  • Naked Highway were also uber incredible as well. They performed this weeks EQ Number 1 single ‘Pop It Drop It’ and ‘Better Off Naked’ for the first time in London and it went down a storm and even involved numb-chucks. Another shout out too for EQ – aww bless. Jesus was also great on the backing vocals and it was fantastic to finally meet him. Both the boys are out today doing London shizz and gayin it up in our little village.
  • The pole dancer at Soho Revue Bar was too hot – I couldn’t even look at him without blushing in the dressing room.
  • Saw Heidi from the Sugababes eating on Old Compton Street – she’s so pretty…this was shortly after we had to schedule an emergency food pit stop for our little Geri, who made the mistake of mixing Gin Lemonaides and Red Wine during the night. He’s a bad boy.
  • And on an unscheduled event – I met Paul from The Zapping briefly. I was quite drunk by this point at the end of the night and I’m sure I said something stupid to him. Infact I can’t remember the whole conversation at all really, other than he was going to G.A.Y. or something. In reading his boyfriends blog today it was funny when he complained about the 28 quid drinks at Soho Revue Bar. Chuckle. Welcome to my world babes.

Ok – over and out for now. Before I go, check out the new ‘Top 40’ EQ Chart and say goodbye to the Pop and Retro Charts…I just wasn’t feeling them anymore. Well update you tomorrow with some fun pics from the day that will be always be remembered as Electroqueerpooloza 07.

Coming up next week. Perhaps another live Siobhan Donaghy review along with our comments on ‘Ghosts’ and then again, there is that other Robyn gig at Dingwalls coming up.

Update – here’s some fun photos from Electro Popshow