After years of reinventing tracks, amongst the bustling crowd of newcomer pop elite, it was a welcome sight to greet the arrival of André Anjos’s the alias of RAC’s debut single of “Let Go” last summer, which plumped up our playlist with it’s sensational jam fuelled pop hooks, a real treat as we headed off for a humid and sometimes broiling few weeks of summer.

At the time we also brought you knowledge that “Let Go” was the introduction to a forthcoming EP, we can now impart further details on this in revealing that this EP is entitled “Strangers” and infact, is a duel release comprising of two EP’s “Strangers Part 1” and “Strangers Part 2” releasing on March 4th and April 1st respectively with a further third option of a complete amalgamation of both EP’s also on offer.

Heading up the imminent three-part release comes the arrival of new track “Repeating Motion” featuring RAC long term collaborator Karl Kling, who lends his indie hipster vocal presence upon the pop strewn disco-infused track, that clicks and loops with a synth sensitised emphasis on fun.

Repeating Motion” is a gleaming glimpse from “Strangers Part 2” and for a limited spell it is quite literally going for a song, available as a FREE DOWNLOAD.