Candy and Liz have been on a mission to put bring girl bands and quality electro-pop together for the first time and having just listened to the promo club mixes for “Enjoy The Silence”, I think they may have just done that.  

Initial reaction to the re-working of this Depeche Mode classic was a little mixed to say the least.  A lot of people I’ve talked to over the past couple of months were really already put off by The Saturdays lackluster attempt at “Just Can’t Get Enough” so when learning about Red Blooded Women’s cover of “Enjoy The Silence” – most people had the pre-conceived opinion that it probably wouldn’t be that good.

But that my dear EQs, is rubbish.  “Enjoy The Silence” is just masterful.  Much better than I expected to be honest.  I remember hearing it for the first time at a showcase not too long ago in London and thought – “wow, that really works on the dancefloor”.  Having just listened to the club promos, I must say that it’s genius.  Not a bad remix outta the bunch.  With remixes by Designer Drugs, 7th Heaven, Bassmonkeys, Heads We Dance and EQ faves Parralox in the remix package – there truly is a mix for everyone’s tastes.  

Candy and Liz recently did an interview at EY about the single and it’s quite apparent that our brothers in electronic blogland pretty much feel the same.  

I urge you all to download “Enjoy The Silence” when it’s released on April 19th.

Oh, what the hell – let’s do a compare and contrast…