Photo by Lubert Daz

Well it seems Red Blooded Women have had their own little Sugababes saga since they last performed at EQ, but bouncing back quickly, the girls went and found their brilliant new member Kate Marquart to join them on their quest for electronic-pop domination.  

Kate performed for the first time alongside Candy and Liz at Electronically Yours last night as the opening act for The Ultrasonics album launch at Queen Of Hoxton – which was rather poptastic.  Kate's vocals were ever-so-impressive and brings a little new flavour to the trio which I welcomed with open ears.

Remember, "Enjoy The Silence" is out next week – make sure you download it.  Absolutely no excuses EQs.  Also – I scored a physical copy of The Ultrasonics "Ultrasound"! The CD is very well put together with beautiful artwork too including quite a few shots from photog Lubert Daz as well.  I'll be sharing my thoughts on that album very soon, rest assured.  

Madison dueted alongside Hannah Sanders on "Squeeze" last night too which was incredible!  Thanks to the EY team for putting together another great electronic night for all us electro-heads.  Bring on the next one!