Mika and Beth Ditto do a medley of
‘Love Today’ / ‘Standing In The Way Of Control’ / ‘Grace Kelly’

  • Mika and Beth Ditto were the best part of the Brit Awards last night which were broadcast live from Earls Court in London. Check out the uber fabulous opening number above.
  • I’ve decided that Rhianna is officially "pretty". Would have liked to see more Klaxons in the "collaborative" performance though…it just seemed like Tina Turner electro Thunderdome performance of ‘Umbrella’ with the Klaxons playing live behind the vocal…
  • Amy Winehouse is still a fucking train wreck.  OMG.
  • I don’t think the Arctic Monkeys are any indication of what quality British music is.
  • Gary Barlow looked rather shagable last night – and I’ve never been a fan of his. I was so proud of Mark Owen from Take That winning Best British Single for ‘Shine’ for the group. His vocals are just so great. I still hope he decides to churn out more solo music.
  • Adele is a little highly overrated if you ask me. She’s alright, I downloaded her single, but isn’t it a little too early to be giving her awards?
  • Kylie – her outfit didn’t really coordinate with her dancers. But oh well. Nice to see her win an award anyways and knocking em all to the floor with ‘Wow’.
  • I love that they can cram all those awards into a 2 hour telecast and still manage to have the entire Osbourne family host the show, who were great!  Sharon Osbourne is so mental, but I love her.
  • Kate Nash really does speak like that!
  • Mark Ronson – I still don’t get how he can win ‘Best Male Artist’ when he doesn’t even sing his own songs. I know I’m not one for rules, but I think the award should have gone to Mika.

All in all – A decent show this year, and I’m not even a fan of most British mainstream pop.  I tuned off when the Sir Paul McCartney tribute came on. 

Kylie wows with ‘Wow’ in a performance of
robotic electronic amazingness