Hello EQs – Happy Saturday you beautiful young things! First of all. Let’s just tell you that we are totally geeking out over our Apple TV. Yes – it’s hella cool. We totally had to spend 600 quid on a new LCD television to get it work, but we needed a new one anyways. Not only can we listen and watch my iTunes content on the TV downstairs now, but we can even browse movie trailers, watch our photos to a soundtrack of choice and stare all googely-eyed at the screensaver which consists of album artwork. Apple TV really enhances your album artwork experience. We’re geeks, we know. Don’t point and snicker ok. On with the rants…

  • We have been enjoying the new album by New Young Pony Club called ‘Fantastic Playroom’. We only have one critisicm though, it needs a signature track, a ballad or something to calm down all the electro-rock goodness…cuz it then starts to sound a bit repeatitive…but again – it’s all good, solid effort and very listenable. ‘Get Lucky’ and ‘F.A.N.’ are excellent tracks.
  • We also bought, Rufus Wainwright’s ‘Release The Stars’ but haven’t listened to it yet. We did finally listen to Mika’s album though. It’s good. That’s about all you’ll get from us regarding Mika.
  • Based on Adem’s recommendation we also bought Simian Mobile Disco’s cleverly titled album ‘Attack Decay Sustain Release’. Good album too – although some of the instrumental tracks are snoozers, we like the album overall. We can’t get enough of ‘I Believe’ but you already know this.
  • So we are planning a little nip/tuck of Electroqueer. What does it mean? Well – you’ll have to keep reading to find out. We can however reveal that some of the EQ Fold will be saying their goodbyes to make room for a few new musicians that deserve as much EQ love as they can get. Stay tuned…
  • Welcome new pop blogger on the block Pop Hyperbole. He’s likes Darren Hayes, links up EQ and is off to a good start if you ask us! Simon Curtis even commented him. Go give him some love EQs and support the pop blogs!
  • EQ takes break to eat an oat pancake…Ok he’s back. yum.
  • Like street fashion? Love San Francisco? Like both? Well do we have a website for you. sfstreetfashion.com is a FABULOUS website which has been getting some great exposure lately. It’s the brainchild of my friend Zavan and his boyfriend Phillip. They got 22,000 hits in one day! Flawless – it’s a fab website if you need some new fashion ideas for your everyday wear.
  • Facebook is fun…Visit EQs little space on it. Come poke us.
  • And finally – the gays will be gays. That’s a little phrase I picked up from Megan. Our NYC friends Louis, Pedro and Brian are holidaying in the little town of Provincetown, Massachusetts at the moment (think Brighton but more gayer, yes more gayer) and they made this HILARIOUS video. EQ takes full credit for turning Louis onto Bo Selecta. We thinks we created a monster…LOL…And what word would you tatoo on your ass?…