Hello EQ’s – Here are some rants I’ve been saving for you this week. Try to contain yourselves. LOL.

  • The new Paula Abdul song ‘Dance Like There’s No Tomorrow’ is good. It’s not the ‘Straight Up’ of 2008 as quoted by Randy Jackson, but it’s pretty good. I welcome the Paula Abdul comeback with open arms. With Janet Jackson back with a decent song in the way of ‘Feedback’ it’s like high-school all over again, Janet or Paula – which side are you on?

  • So Madonna’s untitled candy-themed album supposedly has a release date of April 29th now as according to MTV. Madonna had better give us some free Hot Tamales candy with every purchase. I demand it.

  • Want to know how to make a good website for your debut album? Ask Nelson Clemente…Damn, his new website is pretty good and entirely handmade!

  • Remember James Murray? Well the acoustic crooner has went and changed his name to Murray James and is wondering why you all aren’t stalking him on MySpace…so here’s his new profile link and you should drop by and say hi and make sure you check out some of his new stuff…

  • We were at Harvey Nicks yesterday getting our hair did and saw a familar-looking guy working one of the makeup counters and thought to ourselves, hey where do we know that guy? About an hour later, we exclaimed – ‘oh my god, that was V.I.K.T.O.R – our next superstar!’ At least we know he gets a decent discount on his makeup!

  • Popshow has unveiled it’s list of acts for their Feb 15th Valentines show. On the bill, EQ faves The Ultrasonics and the Electric Dolls. Madison may even make a guest appearance. However we are curious to finally get to see Q-Boy. Will the openly gay british rapper surprise us or create a reason for us to escape to the bar? Bring it Q-Boy. We were supposed to be in San Franscisco that week but our plans got screwed so expect normal Popshow coverage as per usual!

  • So the new David Jordan song isn’t that bad. However we saw him perform when he opened for the defunked Unklejam and thought he wasn’t that great. A certain record company just happen to be sinking a ton of money into his career and well, we’ll sit back and see how he develops before we make any final judgements. He’s certainly a lot better than let’s say, Craig David’s horrible new song…aarrgh!

  • I am totally STILL IN LOVE with Naommon’s ‘Allnighter’ album, I can’t get enough of it. Naommon sent me an email saying he liked what I wrote about him on EQ which made me smile. I urge you all to go out and buy his album now…you’ll be humming his quirky and infectious electronic pop tunes just like I am. He very well could be a new member of the EQ Royale…

  • And finally we leave you with this…Don’t let Big Brother 7 Winner Pete Bennett alone with his webcam, he’ll get stoopid and start doing dodgy Bon Jovi covers…yikes…Obviously he has too much time on his hands – girlfriend also put out a video to his song ‘Cosmonaut’ but you can do a search on Youtube for yourselves if you’re interested…

PS : NKOTB and Alcazar are back peeps!