It’s Saturday morning and we can’t tear ourselves away from the Mac (whom we’ve lovingly named Randy) this morning. We so so so so are dancing around all Tom Cruise-like to lots of new music and just overall being boring dancing with ourselves. Last night Geri and I saw Spiderman 3 which was lots of fun – especially if you’re a comic book geekazoid like ourselves. Topher Grace steals the show…we’ve always had a wee bit of a crush on him ever since That 70’s Show. The wonderful Megan gave us a video shout out too, which made us smile ear to ear. Lots of fun stuff is coming up too in EQ Land – on Tuesday we are off to see the Siobhan Donaghy showcase in Soho (thanks eternally HSF) and we are busily preparing Issue 2 of our Switch22 comic book feature – thanks for all your emails about that too EQs…we really appreciate them. We have some interviews coming up with Nathan Walters and Naked Highway too. But enough of that…on with the Randy Random Rants…

  1. Simon Curtis has entered the big bad world of bloggin. Go support him and leave him some sweet morsels in the way of comments over at his new blog now.
  2. We are loving ‘Handle Me’ by Robyn so much that it is this week’s EQ Pop Number One! This is about as close to hip-hoppy that we get. It’s the perfect blend of electronic/pop/r&b-tingled single anyone could ask for. Go download it at iTunes along with the rest of the album ok?!
  3. The whole blogesphere is in love with Royksopp’s single and video to ‘What Else Is There’ and we have to admit…we love it too. We have to confess though…we almost sold their album ‘The Understanding’ on eBay last week…thank god we didn’t – it deserves another listen. The artwork is amazing and the single ‘Only This Moment’ was funkin hot. Maybe someone slipped us some crack last week…who knows…confessions of a dumbass EQ.
  4. Casey Stratton is turning us out in all the good ways this week. We had to play catch-up with him a little, but we aren’t complainin…he’s a good homework assignment. What else did we download this week…oh shizz…Hilary Duff’s ‘Dignity’ album (don’t point…I see you); Levi Kreis’ first album (amazing); The whole remix catalog to Technologic (thanks Raf!); Bjork’s Volta (but you already know that right?!); Client’s ‘Heartland’ (electrogasmic – sorry chanelling Megan again); and about every track we could get our hands on by B.W.O (that’s Swedish pop short for Bodies Without Organs).
  5. EQ Factoid: The first concert we ever attended was The Thompson Twins in Spokane, Washington. Chris Issak opened for them before he became famous with ‘Wicked Game’ too. OH SHIZZ…we are dating ourselves quite a bit there. Oh well.
  6. Patrick Wolf threatens that he might leave the music industry? Huh? What? You must be jokin? You know Patrick, you’re not allowed diva status just quite yet. If it wasn’t for XO London (who does cover Patrick extensivley) – we wouldn’t have never bothered buying Patrick’s album…which is quite good. But again, put the diva card away.
  7. Big shout out to Digital Eargasm – great download site with lots of hard-to-find bootlegs and discoveries…wanted to say that for awhile…sloppy kiss.
  8. We are plannin a wee feature on Justin Shave…don’t know he is? Well, where the bloody hell are you then? Got anything you want to ask the lovely Justin (who’s spending some time in France this holiday weekend)…then just email us at [email protected].
  9. Cross your fingers everyone…we were approached to do a feature with a famous gay icon from America who we LURVE…so put out the EQ love to the universe that it actually comes to fruition…name not disclosed as so not to jinx it… again.
  10. And finally for this sunny Saturday, we leave you with this: it’s the song of the summer…and this girl seems to know it…and so should you.